endorsed2Effective representation for what matters most in Kansas State House District 45!

Terry Manies will bring fresh perspectives to our rapidly changing community.

She won’t be trying to make a name for herself on the national scene.  She’ll be fighting — every day — to protect our future right here, at home!

Sensible, forward-thinking Kansans must act now to create a future that serves the best interests of us ALL as exciting changes come to District 45.  

I’m Terry Manies, and I’m running for the Kansas State House of Representative in the 45th District. Like you, I see great things on the horizon for Kansans — And especially for those of us lucky enough to live in House District 45.  Join me in holding to the very best of our Kansas roots as we pioneer the prosperous and sustainable Kansas we envision.



We’ve been represented by the same career politician for 22 years.

Haven’t we all had enough of business as usual? 

Kansans are ready for a change in leadership. Over the course of the last 6 years, things have shifted — and not for the better. When you support Terry Manies as the next Representative for the 45th District of the Kansas Legislature, you have an opportunity to ensure the issues that matter to Kansans are represented by someone who cares about our needs — right here — in Douglas County.  


Fiduciary duty MUST be reestablished

Terry believes the integrity of funding and appropriations MUST be the priority for every Kansas lawmaker, and she will fight to bring sensible solutions to the forefront.


roadKansas schools MUST stay open

The child of educators, Terry understands that education is the root of our state’s long-term health and economic stability. Primary, secondary and higher education must be recognized and funded in ways that honor teachers, students, families, and communities.


Healthcare MUST be improved

Neglecting the health of citizens means lives may be lost as undue burdens are placed on communities and families.  Terry believes our current mental healthcare systems require drastic overhauls, and will be a champion for all residents of the 45th District struggling to make ends meet in support of their own healthcare decisions.


The integrity and process of selecting our highly-respected officials MUST not be compromised

In support of rights for every Kansan, we cannot allow the disintegration of our judiciary processes. Terry ardently believes all government branches should remain equal, and she will not allow our venerable judiciary to be bullied by career politicians.


The voting rights of all Kansans MUST be upheld and improved

Kansas has some of the most regressive voter registration laws in the country.  Terry will fight to ensure that EVERY Kansas citizen has the opportunity to exercise their guaranteed rights.


If you’ve had enough of business as usual, elect Terry Manies as a new voice for the 45th District!

Send a loud and clear message to career politicians in the Kansas Legislature: It’s time to make progress!  

Rubber-stamping hypocritical policies that hurt individuals and communities won’t cut it in a 45th District focused on the future.


houseVote for your neighbor — Terry Manies — as the next 45th District Representative to the Kansas State House.